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A carbon monoxide leak in the home is sometimes fatal.

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Patio windows can be fitted with a pin lock that is inserted through the overlapping edge of both window sashes when the sashes are closed. This prevents the windows from being opened or lifted off their tracks from the outside. Certain window locks have keyed mechanisms ensuring that only the key holder can lock or unlock the window. Window Security Bars Home security window bars are a great idea for windows that are 10 ft to 12 ft or less above the ground. They are also commonly referred to as burglar bars. When properly installed, they are a permanent security solution. Burglars have great difficulty tampering with them. Make sure however, that your window security bars come with a quick release mechanism. In the event of a fire, the mechanism will allow you to open the bars and escape your home. Some burglar bars are designed to be installed from the inside of the window. Let your personal security needs dictate what is right for you.


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Most of the national security system companies have professional install options available if you prefer, but they can add to the cost, and could involve drilling holes in your walls. So with wireless technology, more companies including Frontpoint and Link Interactive are relying on a “Do It Yourself” model. DIY allows you to save money on installation and moving costs down the road. It’s also more convenient since you can do it on your own time instead of taking time off work to meet the installer. Glad to hear you liked the article!No need to feel lost. Based on what you’re looking for, I’d recommend going with Frontpoint over ADT. Yes, ADT has been around longer 135+ years to be exact, however, Frontpoint has the higher customer ratings on Angie’s List, Yelp and Consumer Affairs. The companies don’t have too many differences, but Frontpoint does have a reputation of better customer service and focusing on customer’s unique security needs. For example, Frontpoint offers a 30 day money back guarantee to test out the equipment and service before fully committing. They also offer incentives to sign the 3 year contract, but will allow customers to commit to just 12 months. However, that being said, ADT will visit your home to assist you in developing a plan for placing the system before they return for a professional install.